Merbau Decking

Merbau deckings are attractive wooden deckings which are highly popular among the customers owning to their extensive durability. Merbau is ideal to be utilized as a decking solution as this wood is resistant to harsh natural elements as well to the affects of erosion. Get the best quality 140mm Merbau Decking Wood in Melbourne from us.

  • 42X19
  • 70X19
  • 90X19
  • 140X19
  • Merbau bearers and joists
  • Merbau Posts

MPG 10 & F7 Dry structural treated pine

Dry structural treated pine is a type of affordable timber which is basically utilized as a decking solution. It is called treated pine because it is infused with a chemical blend consisting of fungicide and insecticide which is applied for providing it a long lasting resistance to destruction, insects as well as to other elements responsible for disfiguring wood.

  • 70X35
  • 90X35
  • 70X45
  • 90X45
  • 140X45
  • 190X45
  • 240X45
  • 290X45

(Available in sizes (M) 3.6, 4.2, 4.8, 5.4, 6.0)

Fencing material

The aesthetic appeal of a fence and the quality of protection that can be expected of it depend completely upon the choice of the fencing material. Multiple cost efficient fencing materials are available in the market and some of them include aluminium, wood, wrought iron, and vinyl.

  • Paling
  • Plinth
  • Rails
  • Capping
  • Screening
  • Cypress pickets
  • Cypress Post and hardwood post

Retaining wall H & C channels

A retaining wall is a construction utilized for holding or retaining soil or any other material from sliding away. Different types of materials can be employed for assembling retaining walls and some of them to mention are treated timbers, brick, limestone, concrete blocks et cetera.

  • Treated pine sleepers
  • Hardwood sleepers

Hardware Products

The term hardware basically implies durability or fixity. Hardware products involve a wide range of tools and utensils in their territory and some of them to mention are screws, washers, keys, locks, handles, chains, belts, electrical supplies, machine parts et cetera.

  • Decking screws & bolts
  • Nails
  • Stirrups
  • Brackets
  • Artificial grass


Gates are the first and primary protective measure to shield a building or apartment from outside intruders. Installing the right type of gate is impartial to increasing the aesthetic appeal of a property as well as to protect it in the best possible way. Among many other materials available, wood and wrought iron gates are considered the best owing to their incredible elegance as well as imposing durability.

  • 1.8X0.9, 1.8X1.0, 1.8X1.2, 1.8X1.5,
  • 1.9X0.9, 1.9X1.0, 1.9X1.2, 1.9X1.5 and any customized measure

Other related products

  • Letter boxes
  • Cements & concreate
  • Decking oil & stains

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