Who We Are

MERBAU DECKINGS ONLINE is an independent timber supplier and we are located in Melbourne, Australia.

We have been doing this business for last 7 years. Our experience about the timber market of Australia is vast and that gives us confident to take the responsibility of delivering the best quality Merbau decking in Melbourne.

Our Aim

We are here to make it easier for our clients to achieve the premium quality timber decking in Melbourne as per their requirements at an affordable rate. We supply our products to companies as well as individuals who wish to manage some DIY projects for their residence.

We can offer them the best price on Merbau decking near Melbourne that can match their needs well. We are the most renowned and experienced timber wholesalers in Melbourne that can fulfil the needs of all kinds of timber works. It can be the wooden floors of hotels, hospitals, gyms and offices.

It can also be the decks of your backyards or the pool area. The timber we supply to our clients can be utilized for making indoor as well as outdoor furniture. This timber is also used widely in the construction field in Australia.

Are You Impressed

Though the market of timber supply has many providers, our clients trust MERBAU DECKINGS ONLINE and prefer to recommend our name more than others. The reasons are;


  • We have an impressive range of products that can match their vivid needs easily
  • We offer our products at an affordable rate so that our clients can easily buy them
  • Our deals are transparent and delivery is on-time
  • We provide the best quality decking timber that is durable and can be used for multiple purposes

Choose The Right Product

It is easy to select the best product for your commercial, industrial or residential projects from our wide stock. Just check out our product section to get clear idea about our range of Merbau decking timber wholesales.

Get Information

To get more information about our products, please feel free to call us or send us an email with your requirements. As one of the most reliable timber supplies in Melbourne we will be happy to serve you with our products and expertise.