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At MERBAU DECKINGS ONLINE you can expect to get the best quality Merbau Timber for your wooden floors and decking.

In case you are looking for the top-class Merbau decking in Melbourne then you are on the right page.

Merbau Timber

This is one of the mostly used timbers for flooring and decking with amazing durability and weather resistance.

It has It is also considered as a termite-resistant wood and this make it perfect for outdoors.


We are independent timber suppliers in Melbourne and we can go above and beyond to provide you with the finest quality Merbau timber from our stock. As one of the leading timber wholesalers in Melbourne, we understand the current market demand better than anyone else.

Affordable Stock

Our prices are affordable and stock is excessively wide. Our products are best quality and we promise on-time delivery. Both individuals and companies can buy timber from us.

Best Quality Products

We supply Merbau Timbers that are superior in quality and will be suitable for all kind of timber works like flooring or decking. Our products are widely used for construction jobs in Australia too.

Recycled Timber

We can fulfil your requirements related to fresh or recycled timber in Melbourne for your construction projects. You can develop beautiful looking and durable decks and floors with the same.

Our Product

Merbau Decking-(140 x 19)

Sizes (M)-1.8


Merbau Decking-(140 x 19)

Sizes (M)-2.1


Merbau Decking-(140 x 19)

Sizes (M)-2.4


Merbau Decking-(140 x 19)

Sizes (M)-2.7


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